We are happy to annouce the 1.0.0 release of Cerberus.

This major release follow the delivery of 3 major features :

  • Test campaign management, which is the essential link between testcase and release.
  • WebService testability following the integration of new test framework.
  • Execution display in real time (instead of the redirection at the end of the test) even for test executed on remote server.

Cerberus have the ambition to support the test driven development methodology, giving to all development actors (from specification to development) un common fonctional and technical information. No needs to use two tools (one for specification and one for implementation) anymore, from now, describying a testcase means implementing it (using some libraries for data or actions). This way, tests are maintenable very easily.

Test execution can be triggered by everyone from the application, or in batch based on test campaign (on several queue, several environment, several browser). Reporting can show a lot of information (Cerberus logs, Screenshot, pageSource, Selenium logs, browser logs) and make it very easy to interpret by everyone.

In a next release, we will interface Cerberus to a test framework for mobile application (Appium). Then, we follow the strategy to centralize all the tests, for all technologies.

We hope you will enjoy that new release. You can download it here.

We are happy to annouce the 0.9.1 release of Cerberus.

A lot of new features and improvements have been developed into that release.

Some of which :

  • Better stability on the Selenium engine. (for ex : Cerberus will wait for a field to appear before interacting with it).

  • Added manual executions.

  • A lot of new screens to get a full visibility of the Cerberus data and configuration.

  • IE9 10 11 and Chrome support.

  • New functions on controls and actions.

  • Management of manual test data (for system that does not allow easily to retrieve test data from SQL)

  • More detailed authority management with specific test, executor, integration and administrator groups

  • Better documentation and refactoring.

  • Improved test editor function (ex : duplicating a step from one test case to another).

  • ...

We hope you will enjoy that new release. You can download it here.