Where it comes from

La Redoute

The tool started to be developed from the International IT team of La Redoute a retail company part of a group called Redcats. This group is doing retail business on clothes using legacy applications used from Call centers and also from Websites. The group has a lot of subsidiaries and a lot of web platforms and each of them has its own set of configuration / specificities.

There was a big challenge in both bringing more stability to the system and also more agility in terms of change. Thanks to the tool, a lot of tests have been created and are automated enough so that the effort for that quality is kept under control.

There was also a important need of having our users involved in the test definition and also secure the fact that test data are retrieved dynamically from the corresponding specific system. The idea was to implement once a test and have it available for all countries/configuration/environments where the system was used.

Using agile principles and organization changes, Cerberus allowed us to move from chaotic and stressful builds to a more measurable and secure build process. Today, small changes can more easily and securely go live and deliver business value in far less time.

Considering that the need for such a tool is very transversal, decision was taken to release it under open source license (GPLV3) in order to distribute this framework and attract developers to join the project and improve the tool.


Here are the features we are currently developping:

  • Improve Queue management : Allow testcase dependency and event dependency
  • TOMCAT Migration. Replace Glassfish by Tomcat as the suported application server.
  • Improvements on requirement management.
  • System management in order to isolate various testcase scope : improving massive multi user management.
  • External SSO authentification management
  • pdf connector.