Core features

Multi Environment /
Multi Country

Implement the test case once and chose where you want to execute it.

Secure execution

Run tests on specific environment. Destructive tests cannot run in live environments.

Build and revision management

Every execution keeps track of the version of the system it is testing for a full traceability on quality.

User friendly GUI

Allow any end user to have a view on the tests and understand what the system should do.

Online documentation

Directly on the web GUI!

Reporting execution

Global view on test execution campaigns and detail view on a specific execution.


Selenium connectivity


to script any parallel and automated execution.


During the test execution as well as browsing statistics providing performance speed and page size statistics.

Dynamic data gathering

Multi database connectivity via JDBC SQL in order to dynamically gather test data (allowing the test to be stable over time with very low level of maintenance)

Case study

  • One way to use cerberus is basically to implement integration testing in an easy and automated way.
    Most of our users are pretty happy to test new features on our applications but almost none of them wants to perform the regression testing. this is a very repetitive and boring task and the more you want to get agile, the more effort it will require.
    The idea of Cerberus is to secure that any effort taken on testing is to improve the quality (by adding tests) rather than executing them.
    The main goal of Cerberus is to remove that task by allowing any user to design and see his own tests and run it automatically. That allow both the users to have a view of how the system should behave and IT to detect and quickly analyse the area in the system where the bug is detected.
    In Redcats Europe, all Web applications are tested using that tools. around 150 tests already exist in our system and every new version of our web application are going through 50 of them systemically. That secure us that all core feature are 100% secured to work before going live.

  • Cerberus allow to design test that perform scenarios against any web site.

    In contrary to any existing solution that perform those type of test with static data, Cerberus allow you to design those tests extracting on the fly the necessary data directly from your legacy database. This is a key feature for monitoring an application with functional scenarios. With that feature, the data will never become outdated (bringing instability in the test and as a consequence on the monitoring).

    Thanks to that, Cerberus is currently monitoring 20 websites auditing availability and performance.

    Having those response time regularly and securely monitored allowed us to detect some slowdown. Those could be optimised until it disappear.

  • One recurrent issue on datawarehouse systems is to prove to all users that the reporting system does have the exact same data as the operational databases.

    Cerberus allowed us to perform some test that can be executed on a daily basis in order to prove that both systems are always in-line.

    It will execute SQL across the 2 systems and report whether the results are the same proving to the users that the data is always correct across time. As soon as a difference is detected, IT can react immediately reducing the workload of reloading a significant part of the data.

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